Underrated restaurant: Lavagna

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The seared scallops in parsnip puree with pancetta...amazing. 

I can’t think about Lavagna without getting hungry. It’s so classic Italian and yet so refreshingly delicious that I can’t stay away from it. And better yet, it’s unassuming, under the radar, and surprisingly well priced – three qualities a person can learn to covet in New York City.

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Plants are smarter than you think (and why you should care)


Why that’s so difficult for us to accept – and why we should give them a second look.


In an essay for The New Yorker entitled “The Intelligent Plant,” food writer Michael Pollan explored the evidence that plants exhibit intelligent behavior, and the scientific community’s debate over accepting it. Most plant scientists seem to accept that plants exhibit intelligent behavior, such as remembering events, knowing their position in relation to other objects, hearing, communicating with and sharing nutrients with relatives, and in general making “decisions” based on the complex set of information they sense from the environment around them. (For example, plants will “reroute” their root growth away from an obstacle even before they reach it.) What’s more abrasive for scientists than accepting the evidence, Pollan argues, is grappling with how to interpret it, and what it means about how we label plants. Maybe even more disturbing though, are the questions plant intelligence bring up in terms of how we label ourselves in relation to the world around us.

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Is a computer designing your food?


Computer generated DNA may already be in our food system.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), in which a gene from one organism is inserted into another, have been a part of the American food system since 1996. New on the scene is a technology called synthetic biology (synbio for short) that takes genetic engineering to the next level.

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Easy brussels sprouts with bacon, mushroom and onion



As the weather gets colder, it’s so comforting and satisfying to cook some of your veggies, since your body may be craving the warmth to balance out any raw vegetables and fruits. Brussels sprouts are truly misunderstood because they are actually one of the most delicious vegetables out there!

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My healthy lifestyle – why it’s sustainable for me

After a workout at Barry's Bootcamp!

After a workout at Barry’s Boot camp!

People tell me all that time that I eat super healthy and I’m really strict about it. But that’s not my perception about the way I eat – I think I’m eating whatever I want and splurging on treats all the time. The key here is perception – which foods you view as desirable and why.

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Green chocolate hazelnut smoothie!

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Who knew chocolate and green veggies go together like peanut butter and jelly?! I recently accidentally picked up chocolate vegan protein powder from my nutritionist instead of my usual vanilla, and since then I’ve been loving the chocolate smoothies I’ve been concocting in the morning! For a few seconds you feel guilty about having something chocolately, and then remember that you’re only taking in amazing things: antioxidant rich spices, greens and fruit, plus protein and healthy fat.

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